Professionally, first and foremost, I am a secondary PDHPE teacher. Therefore I am interested in anything that relates to or affects my subject area.

I started teaching in 1985, so I have been around a while. I have always taught in DET co ed comprehensive high schools. I have worked as a teacher continuously since my appointment in 1986, apart from a few weeks of LSL here and there.

Despite my long experience I don’t consider myself a leader in the field or a gifted teacher. I’m just plugging away doing my bit. The digital revolution has reinvigorated my teaching.

I have taught in Country NSW, Sydney West and Sydney Southwest schools. I am currently Head Teacher in a Northern Sydney comprehensive high school.

I have been inspired by bloggers like Mr Robbo the PE Geek, Jonesy The Teacher and Bianca Hewes. Maybe someone out there cares about what’s on my mind. I have been teaching my students to blog for a couple of years now. I thought I need actively participate.

I am still interested in all things related to PDHPE. Integrating technology in my subject area is obviously critical in these exciting times. However, having been teaching a while, I also have strong interests in supporting whole school initiatives such as welfare and literacy. I have a special interest in “Agile Learning Spaces”, which will be the topic of my first post.

I am looking forward to this journey. I hope what’s on my mind may be interesting to others, or even help in some way.

Ben Pimentel

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