First lesson with my year 7s

I’ve been pretty excited about th opportunity to use my Agile Learning Space throughout the holidays. I thought I’d take the easy option and capture on film an introductory lesson with my new year 7 class.

I always start by going through class rules and assessment expectations with any class at the beginning of the year. I folded all the flip tables and wheeled them to the perimeter of the room. Students sat on the carpet as I introduced myself and explained the special features of this learning space.

They sat attentively for 20-25 minutes listening to me ramble on. I thought it was time to move. I asked the students to set up the tables, where they wished, around the room – and that each table would accommodate 6 students. After the tables were set I distributed their workbooks, and instructed them to write my name and theirs on the spaces provided on the cover.

I presented a short introduction of the first health topic: “Changes and Challenges”. I wanted to find out what they’ve learned about PDHPE in primary school, so we had a brainstorm activity. You’ll see students bring butchers’ paper to their desks for this task. It was great to see the students engaged and collaborating with this simple activity.

To share their ideas we moved all the tables to the centre of the room and spread the butchers’ paper on top of the tables. We walked around the tables and I remarked on the common themes as well as the differences between the groups’ ideas.

We finished off the lesson by packing the tables away. I wanted to show them the video clip I had just taken, using the iMotion app on my phone. When the tables were packed away, the Year Adviser requested if she could distribute time tables and convey a brief message. The students did get to see the video clip bellow. It was a nice way finish to the lesson.

I would love to hear of any group activities you feel would work well in my Agile Classroom.

iMotion / Painting Classrooms

Yesterday, one of our teachers bought paint, brushes and rollers to spruce up his classroom. I couldn’t see this happening in the private system. I may be wrong. Dany helps me out quite a bit with technology matters. So I stopped what I was doing and helped him out. Painting raw brick walls was going to be a two day job.

When I got home from painting, apart from the importance of learning spaces, I had iMotion on my mind. Mr Robbo The PE Geek alerted me to this app (through his blog) and I thought this was a good opportunity to try it out. Today I took my iPad with me and set up the iMotion app for time laps photography. It provided us with some fun on the day. We were all impressed with the end result. I also learnt how to upload a video to Youtube. I can think of a number of uses for this app at school and I think the students will take to it.

Many other teachers were at school today. The day before Australia Day. Two days before we start work. Some were preparing their presentations for Friday. Others were getting their resources in order for the students, who start the following Monday. I am excited about what 2012 will bring.